Friday, September 27, 2013

Life through the lens

Because I can't formulate thoughts or sentences right now. And because my humor becomes more warped with each lost minute of sleep. And because these pictures depict my life better than my own feeble words.

I have no clue what I feel right now, but please, get your hands off of me!!!

Sometimes pinching my lips and keeping on when I really want to sit down and have a big pity party

sometimes just bawling like a baby


Oft times totally dazed and glazed

Often experiencing mixed emotions for which I know no words
Sometimes perfectly quiet and content

Sometimes terror stricken
Sometimes screaming
Overcome with tenderness and love at times
At time lifting my hands in worship.....thank you,'re so good to me!

Often filled with joy that breaks forth in a squinty eyed smile

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Month 1

 Hello, folks! I'm one month old!!!

My mommy says she feels like crying about how quickly this past month sped by. It didn't seem very fast to me. In fact, it just went on and on. When I thought it couldn't get any worse, guess did!!! I hope that I won't have to relive another month like this one. It included too much drama and way too much traveling for me.

Highlights,Adjustments, Facts,Celebrations from my first month of life:

-I attended 3 funerals

-I attended my Uncle Erikson's wedding in Iowa which means that I also traveled to Iowa with my family. Thankfully my mom didn't bother taking any pictures. It makes me grumpy when she tries to tote me around and shoot pictures of other important happenings at the same time. I personally didn't enjoy the wedding enough to think it was worth having pictures of the day.

-I celebrated my big brother's 3rd birthday. Apparently turning 3 is a big deal. That's about all my family talked about for an entire 24 hours. There were gifts, candles, friends, a funny cake and an evening at the park. Now my big brother just wants to ride his new bike all the time. I think he is pretty cool, for a 3 year old, that is.

-I celebrated my two oldest siblings return to school for 2013-14. Oh boy, we had to get up early to get all ready to be at school on time. The excitement was running high in this house. Then there was lots of clapping  and cheering and other loud noises.  My siblings seemed to think it was one of the best days of the month. Oh...whatever. I prefer staying at home and sleeping in my bed.

-I broke out in a case of infant acne. I'm not sure why. Lots of people have lots of suggestions. My mom says she's just tired of hearing about all the possible causes. It would probably be best just not to mention it to her or to me. Mom thinks that maybe I'm just going through premature puberty. She says that at least I won't have to remember the awkward pimply stage if I get it over with now. She tells me everyday that I'm still cute even though I've got a serious pizza face.

-I'm losing the little bit of hair that I was born with. I'm basically bald on top and have this nice strip of hair around the bottom half of my head. I really do resemble a balding gentleman. Mom still tells me I'm beautiful all the time. I believe her, but I do hope that my hair grows back soon!

-I often spend a good portion of my day crying. Sometimes I  even scream. Not even mom can calm me down. We're all trying to figure out what triggers my crying fits. Of course, once again, everyone I meet thinks they might know the solution for easing my belly aches and gas pains. Mommy gets really tired and sometimes irritable when I cry for too long. I'm  trying hard to do better. Mommy thinks she sees some improvement and she praises me with big, long, sweet sounding words when I am a happy girl.

-Sometimes after I really wear myself out from crying I like to take a good long sleep. In fact, last night I slept from 10 pm - 4 am. Mommy thinks I'm absolutely adorable when I'm sleeping. She's always coming around with her camera and taking pictures of me.

This is my birth announcement that mommy never got time to send out to my friends/family. You may possibly receive one in the next 365 days.

-I went to my Great Grandpa Lehman's funeral in Chambersbug, PA when I was just 1 week old. There I met my mom's many relatives. Sorry, but I just can't remember all the names.

-While we were traveling to Iowa for my uncle's wedding, my dad got a really sad phone call. My Uncle John Beiler passed away in a farm accident. He fell from a 120 foot silo. Immediately following the wedding my family headed back to PA to be with the Stoltzfus/Beiler family and to attend the funeral. I didn't really understand what all was going on but there was lots of crying and sniffling going on around me. I joined right in the crying. I got squeezed in the middle of lots of hugs.  Most of my dad's family got to meet me for the first time. Again, there were way too many names for me to remember.

-I just started smiling. My entire family celebrates anytime I so much as crack a little grin. Mommy says that my smiles are extra special since they are so far and few between. It really warms her heart to see that I am having some moments of comfort in which I am actually enjoying life. She's hoping to capture one of my smiles on her camera someday soon.

 -We just got home from the big wedding and funeral trip 2 days ago. I'm so happy to be home. So happy, in fact, that I celebrated the first day at home by being a near angel. Mom almost fainted in shock. She just didn't realize how sick and tired I was of traveling and big crowds.  She says that she really hopes I'm turning over a new leaf. I would like to turn over a new leaf myself. All this crying really isn't very much fun for me either.

See, now why this month seemed really long from my perspective!!??!!!
Here's to hoping for a quieter and happier 2nd month of life.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I smell it....

Autumn is in the air.

I pull the blanket up around my neck and snuggle baby girl a little tighter. I want to stay in bed a little longer. I step outside and and breathe deep....that crisp cool air is so refreshing. A few leaves are just starting to show golden colors. I feel like cooking. Something with rich fall-time flavor... Sweet potatoes. Maybe some apple crisp? Or my favorite pumpkin cake?

I love fall. Its hues. Its smells. Its food. Its temperatures.

I smell it in the air today. It makes dream of a yummy hot drink.

Or a good book.

Anything but Curious George, please!

No, I do not mean reading out loud to an audience!

Or an afternoon nap.

All of which are not possibilities for me today.

Why is it so easy to wish for that which is just out of my reach and forget about all the wonderful things within my reach???

Today I get to:

Hold, comfort, cuddle, feed, change, comfort, rock, feed, comfort, rock this little Sugar Lump all day long!

And celebrate Mile 3 with this Charming Little Man.
just 3 very short years ago

                                                           Happy Birthday, Christopher!!!

Oh, and get ready for a trip to Iowa to attend my little brother's wedding

And feed my family

And do laundry

And enjoy the splendor of this day.

p.s. fall means hibernation is just around the corner. Just another reason to love the season!