Friday, June 28, 2013

Some Days...

...just aren't worth repeating. They are worth remembering though.

There are days that I wish I could preserve in a bubble and replay about 6 times a week. Other days. well. Yesterday was one of those "Other days".

 I preserved some of it through photos. Somehow taking pictures of hairy events helps me to lighten up and it also creates memories out of the most chaotic moments. The memories generally turn hilarious within a few hours. However, there are some photos that still -4 years later - create volatile emotions within me.

So. Yesterday. I took all the kids shopping with me. Yesterday day we had flash flood warnings all day long in our town. Yesterday I made 3 different stops on our shopping jaunt. The rain was coming in torrents each time we made the trek from van to store and store to van. I felt like a wet pregnant rat with 4 cute little rats following me around.

I bought crocs for 4 of them and  teeny diapers and wipes and pacifers for Ittsy. Thankfully,  we only had to take one potty break. We're still alive and none of us had to put any quarters in the cup, so....all things considered it was a successful trip.

Then the sun actually shone for a few precious minutes in the afternoon. The children were all outside playing happily. I was typing my post about the plan for reforming our mouths. It was good to hear the children squealing happily through the open window.

I should have checked on them. I didn't. I assumed that the happy squeals meant all was well. This is what I found about a half hour later.

A flooded garden and 4 Strays engaged in a water/mud battle.

"But Mom.....we're just trying to get all this extra water out of the garden for you!!!!"

So. Instead of packing up some books.....the kids got hosed down, stipped, showered, dressed and banned from the outdoors for the rest of the day.

Just as I was finishing the post supper clean up and getting ready to head out the door to work at the "other house", I dropped an entired container of applesauce. SPLAT! All over the kitchen floor and stove. Smooth move. And I couldn't even blame it on anyone but myself. A vulgar word slipped from my mouth. And then I laughed, hoping to cover it up. But, my police are sharp little whipper snappers. Another quarter in the cup.

While bump swiped a freshly painted wall. At least it was a pretty yellow color.

Some times it seems the only safe thing to do is to get into bed. I wish I would've thought of that before right now.  I'll tuck that idea in my head for the next time.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tongue Reform

I didn't really have time to do this project. I didn't have time to skip it either.

The kids have been getting into a whole lot of trouble with their mouths recently. I'm the one who started it.

As the weather grows warmer and the baby gets bigger and  the pressure of moving increases and the sleep own mouth has become more and more comfortable with spouting out frustrations, especially directed toward my children.

The children were startled at first.

Then they got used to it.
" out! Mom is in a bad mood!"

Then they started copying me and my tone and my words. And. I was startled. Horrors. Do I really sound like that!?!?

Of course, I haven't called anyone a "poopy face" and I haven't said " I DON'T like you!!"

I'm more mature than all that.

"You're frustrating me!!!!

"I give up. Just totally give up."

"You NEVER listen to me!"

"I have HAD it! Go tell your dad"

Why do ugly words that kill and destroy come so easily?? This is why I didn't have time to push this little project off for another day. I do not have time to destroy myself and the most precious gift of the people closest to me.

Something had to change. I'm slightly embarrassed that I need this little system to help change my habits.

Here's our lastest scheme for growing in grace together.

A cup plastered with Scriptures concerning the mouth.
A few rules.
A few coins.

The heat is really on me since all 4 kids are allowed to police me. I am the only one who is allowed to penalize the kids because I am just not up to settling fights between them about who heard who saying what.

Each time one of us are caught breaking a rule, the culprit must put a quarter in the cup. The quarter will be coming straight from the culprit's personal piggy bank. (ouch. ouch. for my kids. 25 cents is pretty weighty)

The money collected in the cup will go into the offering.

If you watch the financial reports from Meadville Mennonite Chapel closely you may be able to figure out the sucess of our project.

We have a few coins nestled in the bottom of the cup on Day 2 of our reform.