Saturday, March 2, 2013

Generation Gap

I found some interesting little papers with strange looking words and numbers written all over them while cleaning yesterday. I believe I see a competent seamstress in my future. And boy! Am I happy or what!!??!!!! I see flowery beds of ease in my future.

Honestly, I never in my wildest dreams tried to make any kind of pattern for my doll babies. I think I may have designed a few dresses in my head, but that was the extent of it.

She already gives me advice when I am trying to sew.

"Mom, you just need to slow down and be more careful."

"Mom, you're actually better at this than what you think." (I think she sees a little potential in me)

"Well, if you would just take a seam here....and.....blah. blah. blah."  (this is where I plug my ears)

I think a certain gene totally skipped a generation.

Meanwhile, I am off to try to tape a few maternity clothes together.
 I can just hear her exasperated: "MOM!!"


  1. Oh. My. Word!! Go, Angeline!

    It takes guts to cheer a daughter in something you don't feel like you excel in yourself. Go, Shaunda!

  2. what a sweet heart!

    Maybe Amos should try the art of sewing to see if there really is a generational gap. :)

    Love how you mother those Stoltzfus kids!

    Marie M.