Wednesday, June 1, 2016


My name is Shaunda.

I may act startled if you address me by my name because. Well.  It's complicated.





"Don't touch that or I'm telling mom!"

"Mommy, sing to me about Jonah"

"Mom, Christopher is getting my cookie dough"

"Mom, I need to pee. Mom, I need to pee. Moooooom!!!!"

"Mom, I'm hungry"

"Mom, can you come help me start the mower?"

"What's to eat around here, Mom?"

"MOM! Josh just hit me!!!"

"Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom."

"When are you going to take us to the library, Mom??"

"Mom, I don't understand this recipe"

"Mom, Nicholas won't help me move the pool"

"Mom, can the neighbors come over to play?"

"Mom, can we have freeze pops?? We're deathly hot!"

"Mom, when will quiet time be over??"

Some days I  just get sick of hearing it so often.

Yesterday  I went upstairs to my bedroom to put the baby to sleep thinking that maybe I would escape for like 3 seconds from anyone using my name that starts with M.

I forgot to shut the window.


"Mom, I need to peeeeeee! Mom!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy, I need to peee"

The voice continued on as she searched through the house until she found me.

-insert 10 seconds-

"I am going to tell mom"

-insert 2 seconds-

"MOM. MOM. Angeline just pinched me!"

It seems that they think by repeating 'mom' multiple times they will somehow get my full attention more quickly.

Today I am reminded that even though I get weary of being on call 24/7 and even though I kind of miss the original name that my parents gave to me at birth, it is an honor to be called Mom by 6 children.

I remember those who mourn the fact that no one calls them "Mom". They hope and long for the day to hear that darling little 3 letter word.

I remember those who have no one in their life to call "Mom".

Today I remember that to wear this name is an honor. A privilege. A gift.

I look at my children. Even though they make me furious at moments and even though I am FAR from being a perfect mom....I am so glad that I get to be here with them and that they can call my name and I can hear them.

I am so glad that we have each other today.