Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I just recently said to my husband, "seasons go so fast these days!!!"

I really haven't had time to get cabin fever this winter. I'm not sure if that is due to the unusually mild winter we've had or the fact that I'm trying to keep up with 6 kids.

It hasn't been a super exciting winter.

No big snow storms.

No bad sledding accidents. (Thank you, Jesus!)

No big complicated projects.

{projects? Projects!? Huh? What's that!!??!}

No super exciting adventures.

No vacation to Florida.

No big episodes of sickness.

I don't even have gross puking stories to tell.

It's been good though.

The lack of excitement and activity and drama has somehow felt quite welcome to me this year.

In light of the previous sentence, I am not sure why I am DEAD tired at the end of every single day!?! 

I'm grateful to be able to enjoy days filled to the brim and overflowing with ordinary.

{ordinary = tasks and routines that happen over and over and over and over again, with of course, lots of variety and spirit in a family of 8}

It has been slow in coming for me, this enjoying the ordinary.

So. I'm happy to be happy about the ordinary.

Here are some common sights from our winter:

Life is any thing but ordinary with this Little Darling. She's full of smiles and headbands, both of which are often over sized.

 Coloring, Coloring, Coloring....and a little smiling baby.

Pardon my bragging, but I think Cassie has mad coloring skills for a 2 year old.

 Preschool work for Christopher. He is crazy excited about the week of preschool he will be attending at FBCS.

   And he is so good he can easily do his work with a little sister bouncing around on his back

 Welcome to Cassie's world which consists mostly of  babies and books.

Her current book obsession is Madeline.

The second I sit down, she comes toddling over with an armful of books  and begs me to read to her. I can't say how hard it is for me to say 'no' to those big brown eyes.  Which explains why I never get any projects done.

 After school routine includes piano practice. The oldest 3 are taking piano lessons from our next door neighbor.

I'm convinced that the delightfully warm weather has made the winter speed by faster than ever before.  This little back porch picnic took place the beginning of March.

 This little girl has no idea how unusual it is to be able to spend time outdoors in February and March.

 This past week we had our annual family daffy supper. This is a huge highlight for the kids. Not so much for the parents, but we try to be good sports about it all.

Some days these two fight like mortal enemies. Other days they are darling little friends. I like the days when they play mom and dad and get along peacefully, as all good parents should.

 No explanation. This is my life.

Remember what I said about full to the brim and overflowing???