Thursday, June 18, 2015

photography & me

I have come to an important decision.

Ok. It's not really THAT  important.

But I'm relieved to have finally found a personal spot of peace and rest on the subject of photography as it relates to me.

For years I've really enjoyed photography.

I was beyond delighted when my husband gifted me with a Canon Rebel XTi on my 27th (ish) birthday.

It has been a joy learning how to use my camera through lots of experimentation for the last 7 years.

It has been an even greater joy to capture moments and milestones in the lives of my own children, as well as many others.

At one point I thought I may pursue the path of becoming a photographer. (back when I had more time to dream and had an elevated opinion of my own skill level)

Then entered the digital age which totally amazed us all and still continues to amaze me.

And then the world became absolutely FLOODED with amateur photographers, just like myself.

Slowly but surely I find myself more than happy to pass off potential clients to other capable  budding photographers.

I don't have the time or money or passion right now to grow as a photographer.

I hate stagnation. I am a self diagnosed stagnated photographer.

I also am NOT a business woman.  Dabbling in photography only confirmed that fact in my mind more clearly than ever.

When money starts interfering with something I love, then I just feel like hanging it all.


Back to my great and important decision.

I am no longer a photographer. (not that I ever really was....)

At least, I am not advertising myself as such in any way.

I still love working behind the lens.

I plan to keep taking pictures of my children.

And I have energy to continue to give to my community through the experience and talent that I have gained in the last 7 years.

I have vision for a community that actively serves one another in greater ways with the talents and gifts we've been given.

This means that I would be DELIGHTED to shoot pictures for the dear folks who live in my community-- whether that be people from my church, family or neighborhood.

It would be a great pleasure for me to share what I have to offer as a gift to my community.

I really and truly mean that.

Don't be scared to inquire about my time. I am THRILLED to share it with you as my other responsibilities allow me.

I don't think I'll ever tire of taking pictures of  sweet babies. Especially ones that live next door. :)

Or ones that I get to see every Sunday at church. Photo shoots are a great time to get to know both mommy and baby better. I'm glad when this kind of opportunity arise for me to interact with families in my community.

A charming little face like this is an amazing mood booster. I promise.

 I haven't figured out exactly how I will handle each and every situation.

Like I said, I am not advertising my services.

I am offering my service to my community. In the same breath, I acknowledge that I do have limited time, energy and skill to offer.

If I get inquiries from random people who I do not consider to be in my close community, I will consider them and possibly agree if my schedule permits me to do a photo shoot for a small fee.

I am happy and relieved to have come to this decision.

The end.