Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flying Sweeper Dongs Mennonite Lady on Head

You know, sometimes Jesus has to bonk me right on my noggin with something big and heavy to get my attention. Recently he used a Kirby Sweeper. If you know anything about Kirby sweepers you know that I got a pretty serious wake up call. Yeah, I was seeing stars and constellations for a few short moments. I thought I might even get a glimpse of the pearly gates before I gained consciousness.

The story begins long ago. About 2 months ago my much loved sweeper gave up the ghost. First one wheel fell off. Than another. Then it blew a few puffs of smoke. Then I started borrowing sweepers from around the neighborhood.(perk of town living) I began looking online for a new sweeper. I got some good recommendations from people that I trusted. I looked. But I didn't know what to do. I had never bought a new sweeper before. I was raised on outdated, heavy Kirby sweepers. We were given an old used Electrolux for a wedding present, which really did serve us well.  But now I was needing a sweeper. I checked on craig's list and ebay but just wasn't able to come up with much of anything that looked suitable for under $300. Yup. $300!!! (that's a big number for a little girl)  I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much money. Amos wasn't a lot of help, although he graciously told me to "get a good sweeper that you think you'll like". He isn't as tight as I am when it comes to household appliances. One day while doing more online searchng, I said aloud to myself and to nobody in particular, "I don't know when I'm going to get a sweeper!! It's like as if I'm waiting for one to fall from the sky!!!"

Fast forward several weeks:
While reading the newspaper I noticed that a church just about a mile from my house was having a rummage sale. Now, something that you should know about me is that I was born and raised going to garage sales. So. Yes, Bargain hunting runs deep with me. I have had to lay my hobby aside because of the sheer busyness of my current life, which includes 4 youngsters.  But this particular rummage sale really called my name since it was close by and would  only require one van exit with the kids.  The kids were delighted at my suggestion of going to the rummage sale. In the back of my head I was thinking....maybe they'll have some for clunker of a sweeper there that I could pick up for a couple bucks to at least hold me over until I find something better. After all, I can keep borrowing my neighbor's vacuum for forever.

I hadn't more than walked through the door when "clunk" I got hit. There it was. I immediately began to massage my already stiff neck. What????? Could it be? Is it really....a Kirby sweeper??? And what's that with it??? All the attachments, including a shampooer??!! What? I bet it doesn't work.  I tried to stay calm as I approached a cashier lady near by about the sweeper. How much are you asking for this Kirby sweeper? "Um...let me see....um... $25 and you're welcome to plug it in and see how it works." And I am thinking, did she really say $25?????????? Well, I plugged that machine in and it purred like a baby. I think I'll take it.

10 minutes later I walked out of the church pushing the sweeper, smiling happily, thanking Jesus. My son Nicholas also walked out with a happy face. He is going to 1st grade this year and look at what he found!!! A beautiful backpack and lunch box for $1 each.

I have been thinking a lot about Jesus' tender care of us. He has promised over and over to meet our needs. In that promise he doesn't say that he will give us exactly everything that we want, but he promises to meet our needs. A big, heavy Kirby sweeper certainly wouldn't have been my first choice of sweeper, however, I know that it will be a good dependable sweeper for probably a very long time. I think of his loving provision for me every time I run that powerhouse of a sweeper across my living room carpet. I hope that my son will think of Jesus' care for him each day when he slings that backpack across his shoulders and heads to school.

Sometimes I think that I miss out on Jesus' promise to care for me by asking, even sometimes demanding that he gives me exactly what I want, when I went it, how I want it and where I want it. He knows that my demands are not always in my best interest.

I know that he cares for me and he has given me these gifts to remind me everyday of his tender loving care of me and my family.  I am not sure though how many more blows my head will be able to withstand from falling sweepers.